Thanks for coming to check out my website. I am a local Las Vegas Photographer working in many areas of photography, but mostly model photography and food photography. I also do family photos and personal portraits. I work very carefully and calmly, and I really enjoy working with people. I really enjoy a more natural looking photo, and I get it by letting the photo happen naturally. Usually, I will give a little direction, but try to get the images to be casual and happen without being forced. This allows for a very personal look, since I’m not trying you to get something that’s too far out of your expertise. I like to think of myself as a good mix of commercial and creative photography.

I’ve worked as a photographer here in Las Vegas since 2011, but have been involved with photography on and off since 1999. I started to take photography a bit more seriously around age 13 when I got my first real film camera. I did a lot of street style photography, which probably contributes to my more relaxed approach. That eventually led to digital photography, which eventually led me to being a photographers assistant. I learned much of what I know from 2007 on, when I began working as a photographers assistant in the Lake Tahoe/Reno area. I worked for several years as an assistant, as well as worked closely with the local broadcast TV station in Reno, NV, before moving to Las Vegas to pursue photography full time.

As much as I love photography, that’s not all I’m into. I have a beautiful wife who helps me with everything I do, I have an awesome daughter who amazes me everyday, and I have an overbearing desire to eat the spiciest food I can find. Seriously though, I love spicy food – in almost any for I can get it. I also like to hike, as well as camp, and try to get out to some new beautiful place at least once a year.
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Tyler O’Neill – Las Vegas Photographer