Agency model photography

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Agency model photography in Las Vegas.

I like to define myself as being involved in agency model photography based in Las Vegas, NV. It is a title that is hard to define to some, but is also very descriptive at the same time. Really, what it means to me, is taking beautiful photos of men and women that are talented in different areas of media; whether it be film, radio, photos or sales models. These people usually do it all, and they need photos and looks that help portray that.

Lashonza contacted me for a shoot, and I’m glad she did. I had worked with her before on a local campaign for Lookmatic, a well known eyewear company that specializes in fashion type eyeglasses and sunglasses. Since I knew her style and what she was looking for, I knew we could churn out some really good photos to help her (and me) shine in the spotlight for future work.

We did a few different looks, mostly focusing on the stuff that agents look for when booking talent for gigs. We did a casual fashion look, a sporty look, some unretouched digitals for the agency and a few headshots. I’m very happy she came to me for her headshots, and I’m even more excited with how they turned out. For whatever reason, I was really into the black and white look when we shot together, and the black and white portrait I took of her is one of my favorite photos ever. This is where being involved in “agency model photography” is very rewarding. The shoot was easy, we got great photos and we both will get a lot of work out of these photos.

Lashonza is a newer model in town, but is also one of the more sought after models. She is professional and she works hard, plus she has a look and a presence that just can not be ignored. She is a very talented young woman, and I highly recommend her as a model. It’s shoots like this with Lashonza that make being involved with agency model photography totally worth it. Check out some of the photos from our session. I look forward to seeing more of Lashonza around town.