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Headshots are essential.

If you are in business for yourself in any way, you need a headshot. It doesn’t matter if you are a real estate agent, a blogger, a social network guru, and actor/actress or a model. A headshot is vital for your career. Not just any headshot though, a good one, and a current one. It’s worth your time and money to hire a quality photographer to take your headshot. Professional headshots are the front door to who, and what your business is. It’s well known that most people turn to the internet to research a business. You want them to be greeted with something welcoming and inviting.

Just as important as a quality photograph is here, so is having a photographer who can fit with your style. You need someone who can see and understand your personality, and use that to bring your headshot to life. Before picking a photographer, you need to look at their images and ask yourself  “Would these images make a good impression?,” and “Would I be proud to show these photos?”. If the answer is anything less than a definite “Yes”, you should consider looking for other options.

Having a professional photographer take your photos is important, but so is having one that comprehends your needs. A photographer can be the best, most sought after in the world, but if they can’t see what you need, then they’re not the right photographer for you. Whatever you choose to do, you should pick the photographer who’s images you can relate to the most. Pick a photographer who’s photos you like. Pick someone who has a style you enjoy. Pick the right photographer.

Here are some headshots I have taken over the years: