Lingerie & Glamour Photography

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Lingerie & Glamour Photoshoot.

I feel pretty lucky to work in a market that is so full of talented people. Kym and Haley are no exception, these girls do really big things on a daily basis. Needless to say, when the chance came up to shoot with them, I was pretty excited that I had the opportunity and I decided to shoot some sexy lingerie stuff. I like to be very involved when styling my photoshoots. I like to know what we have to work with, who looks best in what, and where we can take the mood and feeling of the photos – based off what wardrobe we have available. This shoot was no different, although these ladies made it really easy to get some great photos.

They each brought a somewhat small selection of lingerie, but it was all nice quality and they both looked great in what they brought. I worked with both of them together in a previous photo session, and they are friends as well as colleagues. This made them more comfortable with each other and more comfortable with me. Shooting with these girls was pretty straightforward. They need very little direction, they know what looks good, and they know how to pull off a very sexy look – which is so necessary when shooting lingerie.

This session went quick and was a lot of fun. They both looked great and we all got some great photos out of it. The feeling and emotion they portrayed to the camera are exactly what we wanted to get out of this lingerie session. These ladies are professional and know what they are doing, and I think it is obvious in these photos. Please feel free to ask any questions, or contact these girls to hire them for work. They are listed here in Vegas with BestAgency, as well as many other talent agencies in town. Check out some of the final photos from this lingerie session: